Flatwoods Landfill
Amite County MS

In the past few weeks, folks have been getting some incorrect ideas about the Flatwoods Landfill. This website was put in place to give the correct information.

We hope this video will provide some helpful infomation.

In an attempt to be as informative as possible, we hope the following list will be helpful as well.

FAQ Frequenty Asked Questions

Where is the Flatwoods Landfill located?

Here is a map that shows existing landfills and the location of the Flatwood Landfill. The total area of the land dedicated will be 555 acres, but only 195 acres will be used for landfill.

Flatwoods Landfill Physical Address
6519 Womack Rd.
Liberty, MS

You may also note the locations of the other landfills currently in use in our area. Each of them are much further than the Flatwoods Landfill.

  • Little Dixie
  • Pine Belt
  • River Bend
  • Plantation Oaks

What exactly will be going in there?

Flatwoods will be a regular, commercial landfill, which accepts municipal and rural solid waste.

Flatwoods has been evaluated for fitness with a comprehensive soil study.

Why do we need a landfill?
There are a number of reasons.

The cost, in real dollars, and in environmental impact, of transporting waste all the way one of the existing landsfills available to us now is too high.

Flatwoods will make money for Amite county. Each ton of waste deposited at the Flatwoods facility will provide revenue to Amite county.

Additional Informative Documentation